Portfolio :

I mostly work with screen printing, letterpress and relief lino cutting because they are accessible techniques that celebrate the quotidian and familiar nature of print.


Each piece has an embedded relationship to production and work, revealing how it is made and building over time.


My installations always have an element of participation, inviting the viewer to interact, contribute and discuss their response to the request.

Final Show MA in Printmaking: 

'The Excluded Alphabet' is a book that uses letterpress, screen printing and construction to explore language and power.

The book was based on my experience of teaching in an Alternative Provision Academy for many years.

 courtesy of Sarah Packer

 courtesy of Sarah Packer

'Seven plus or minus two':

@ The Clipper, Plymouth & Tate Exchange With PCA 2019

Seven buckets full of 2p coins on analogue scales each labeled with a different cause installed in the old beer store.

The invitation was to take a handful of coins from the bucket of the cause that is least important to you and place it in the

one for the cause that is most important.


Each installation is recorded in a  limited edition screen print.

 'Just in Time' :

Karst test space, 2019

A print-based installation that used letterpress, lino printing and objects to explore art as labour. 

'Empty but full of Potential 2' :

@ The Buttermarket,Redruth, 2018 

Seven boxes each lino printed with a body part to represent the Shakespeare's Seven ages of man. 

Each box was repeated 3 times and installed to reflect the site in changing formations.