Photograph courtesy of Steve Morris

About me:

The personal is political, so I use the power relationships that effect my everyday life as a starting point and often site my work in my local community, expanding it into project-based work both nationally and internationally.


A piece of research begins by asking a question, talking to people, distilling information and responding to the essence of what is said through playful research and experimentation. A piece moves through many iterations before it becomes fixed in its simplest form to represent a collective feeling.


By working with print, as modular units, I am able to make large scale installations that respond to the context of a space physically, culturally and socially.


The process of making is sometimes recorded by surveillance, often performative and ephemeral. These transient events are recorded in limited-edition screen prints.


Although each project is different my way of working remains constant and explores recurring themes and formal concerns. I am interested in how I can use repetition to explore the most mundane aspects of our daily lives to reveal the underlying structures that we take for granted but that work to hold us in place.

These themes and concerns also inform my teaching, workshop and collaborative practice.

Copyright Caroline Wilkins 2020

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