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        Photograph courtesy of Tina Varcoe



I have been an Art Teacher for many years, working in both formal and informal education to design and deliver the art curriculum.

More recently I returned to education and completed my Masters in Printmaking at Plymouth College of Art achieving a Distinction.

My teaching experience and printmaking have intertwined to establish workshop delivery and collaboration as a natural part of my practice.

I have worked as part of a group, as an assistant artist and as a project lead on local, national and international projects.

I currently offer 'Lower Case' and skills based workshops.

Please contact me at to discuss projects, collaborations and workshop offers.

Lower Case

Lower Case is my mobile printmaking workshop which travels in an old suitcase.

Using a postcard format the sessions are designed to generate conversations. As people sit to print together and share resources they are invited to print and talk. This is a way of gathering stories, opinions, and project evaluations.

I regularly work with Scary Little Girls Feminist Theatre company, most recently, making 'radical bunting', zines and postcards to gather the stories of the Greenham Common Woman's Pease Camp.

I offer a range of print techniques that can be adapted to suit each project.

Please be in touch  at to discuss options.

Lower Case

Skills-based workshops

I offer skills-based workshops in a range of printing techniques that can be developed with minimal equipment. 
I work with mono-printing, collagraphs, Gelli plates, Lino and tetra pack.
My many years of teaching experience mean that I teach skills which quickly enable people to develop their own visual language and style of working. 
I currently offer a monthly Saturday morning print club @theartroomredruth.
Details can be found at
I also offer bespoke printing sessions at my Krowji studio in Redruth.

Past Projects

‘A Stitch in Time’ for Cornwall Cloth Masks (2020)

Redruth, Cornwall


FEAST funded project to send commemorative prints to all Cloth Mask makers and to create an archive for the project.

One mask at a time - Beyond the Now (


FutureLab Art & Education Conference (2019)

Shanghai China with Plymouth College of Art


Workshop leader devising and delivering sessions to workshop to teachers, trainee teachers, university students, the public and children.



Ailleurs 3  (2019)

Tate Exchange, London with Plymouth College of Art


Collaboration to engage with the local community and visitors to Tate Exchange using print to generate discussion on food and the importance of sharing meals.

Print workshop at the tate, Ailleurs 3
Project work ailleurs 3 tate exchange
Project work ailleurs 3 tate exchange
Collaboration at impact 10 convention print installation
Caroline working at  impact 10 print convention

Ailleurs 2  (2018)

Impact 10 Print Conference, Santander Spain with Plymouth College of Art


Collaboration to engage with the local community and print conference delegates using print to generate discussion on the importance of food.

Artichoke Processions (2018)

Plymouth College of Art


Assistant Artist running workshops to make the Plymouth College of Art banner for Artichoke, Processions to commemorate the centenary of women getting the vote.

Project work Artichoke PCA banner workshop
Completed banner for Artichoke PCA
Banner on the Artichoke PCA banner march.
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